About our stencils.


Stencil materials

Our stencils are made from Mylar A polyester plastic sheets. A5/A4 are cut from flexible 125 Micron material. This thickness lends well to both curved and flat surfaces. Our A3 Stencils are cut from 190 Micron material. This is slightly thicker than the 125 Micron to give support for a larger stencil. Both are a milky finish this helps aid positioning as its light enough to see through but dark enough that you can see your cut. 


Machine cutting

We cut our stencils using a Knife cutter. We have experimented in many ways to achieve the best cut for best results. Knife cutting by far yields the best stenciling results. Other companies use lasers to cut stencils but we have found this leads to rounded edges due to the burn which makes the stencils bleed very easily. Knife cutting gives a very straight cut for the best results.


Best results for your projects

Please see our instructions page for the best application methods for your projects.